Women in industry 4.0

Feed the agriculture of the future

Message from the Founder

Innovate, Involve, Impact

The Global Women in AgriTech Summit brings together industry leaders for a meaningful discussion on the future of agriculture and trends and achievements in agribusiness. It aims to develop new business partnerships, accelerate innovation and support the concept of producing more with less in order to build a more secure, sustainable and resilient food system.


To support and advance equality in the agriculture and AgriTech sector


Showing an innovative vision on a global scale


Responsibility – Integrity – Fairness

Advisory Board Members

🇪🇬 Hoda Galal Yassa

President, Arab Women Investors Union

🇬🇧 Professor Lisa Short

Director | Co-Founder P&L DIGITAL EDGE LIMITED [UK]

🇧🇩 Shahnewaz Ayesha

Managing Director, Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh

🇦🇪 Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri

CEO, Senior Advisor Royal Family Offices, UAE

🇳🇬 Aisha ibrahim babangida

Founder, Women Enterprise Alliance

🇺🇸 Larisa B. Miller

CEO, Phoenix Global LLC

🇨🇮 Euphrasie Kouassi Yao

Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in charge of Gender

ABOUT the organizer : Emperia Industries Connect Sowing an innovative vision on a global scale

Emperia Industries Connect is an agency whose global network includes Industry 4.0 experts including manufacturing, agricultural and technological SMEs. Emperia creates international business opportunities and supports companies in modernization and digital transformation and provides them with access to global investors, in order to shape the industry of tomorrow.

By organizing inter-industry economic delegations and exclusive international events, it facilitates inter-industry, intercultural and international relationships in order to humanize business relations and advance the agenda of women and young people in the manufacturing and agriculture industries. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of the ideation of events, as is the response to current and future economic, technological, organizational, environmental and societal imperatives.

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